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LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) critical review

An independent quality check to enhance the reliability and credibility of LCA results and conclusions

LCA critical review

What is it?

LCA produces quantitative environmental performance indicators by system modelling. LCA results cannot be validated by direct measurement. A critical review brings an extra pair of eyes (or even several pairs) to check an LCA study and provide validation.

Critical review involves an individual or panel examining all the elements of an LCA study to check that the whole is "fit for purpose". So the study's scope, the system model, the data used and assessment applied, the interpretation of results are all considered.

What for?

A critical review aims to ensure the LCA study has been carried out according to best practice and international standards. At EuGeos we aim to make critical review a positive process despite its name. When carrying out a critical review we aim to improve an LCA not to operate a fault-finding

Critical reviews work best if the reviewer is involved from the outset and the review process covers each stage in turn. That way the reviewer helps steer the study along the best course to its objectives.

Comparative LCA

If you are commissioning an LCA comparing products or services and you intend to disclose the results to the public, then a critical review is mandatory under ISO 14044.
In this case the aim is to ensure that the study is robust enough to support comparisons about different products or processes providing the same function.

Footprint reviews

Being LCA 'under disguise', both carbon footprints and water footprints - like any other quantitiative LCA - will benefit from a third-party review to ensure their robustness.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) verification

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) verification is very similar to critical review; the verifier checks the LCA and also ensures that the EPD itself complies with the rules of the EPD Programme that is publishing it.

Our principal consultant is accredited to carry out verification of EPDs prepared in accordance with The International EPD® System and EPD Ireland.

Adding value

Appointing a reviewer

Don't make critical review a bolt-on extra:

  1. decide whether you want or need a reviewer at the start of your LCA project
  2. appoint an experienced reviewer directly - and early; alternatively, this can be organised by your LCA practitioner
  3. agree whether a single reviewer is sufficient or whether a "panel" (review team) is needed
  4. decide whether the review will be carried out in parallel to the study ("concurrent") or at the end
  5. allocate sufficient time and resources to allow the review to add value, not just find fault

For a better LCA and a quicker process, think 'review' from the start of your project

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